Obama apologizes again!!

We, the taxpayers, paid 70K for this ad.  State Dept Spokesperson Victoria Nuland states that these ads are “common practice” and then states that we paid for an ad to air in Pakistan “one other time”, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm “common practice”……”one other time”…..don’t think “one other time” constitutes “common practice”.   

Here’s the kicker, shouldn’t Pakistan be apologizing to us?????  At least Obozo did have the decency to say that “there is no justification for this senseless violence”.  – Phoebe

By phoebe53 Posted in War

3 comments on “Obama apologizes again!!

  1. We have been praying to no avail. Maybe we’re not praying right, maybe we should be saying, Dear God please help our elected officials to do the right thing instead of Dear God, please let this election come quickly and please oust these traitorous demons.

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