Better to die on your feet than live on your knees

This is a comment on an article I was reading about a Chinese man being run over by a road flattening vehicle because he dared stand up for his rights.  The govt wanted to use eminent domain and pay him peanuts for his land and had run others off but he stood firm.

Now for the comment which I have often thought and said it myself.  If anyone disagrees, I defy you to contradict me.  We are at the point of no return here folks, draw your line in the sand and be ready to defend it.   We, as a nation, have always refused to do business with a country that are guilty of human rights violations, how the hell did we ever get into business with China?


Natas Pals says:

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. It seems that only people in either Communist or 3rd world countries seem to understand this concept anymore, while the only concept that the majority of spoiled rotten and pampered, self centered and entitled, wasteful and ignorant, arrogant and apathetic Americans seem to understand anymore is that it’s better to sit on your couch watching MTV reality shows while stuffing your fat face with Big Macs than to stand up for the freedom and liberty that so many of their ancestors selflessly gave up their lives for, only to have them completely taken for granted by a generation of lazy self absorbed and sex obbsessed couch potatoes.


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