Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Two Heads are Better Than One

Wow, it’s been a long week.

The advice I gave these past few days, several times in fact, was that after a week like that, you need to take a day (at LEAST a day) and relax. Unwind. Recharge. Play with the kids. Go to church. Enjoy your family.

And laugh.

There is no better medicine than laughter.

So with that in mind, no politics today. We’ll be back at it next week, I assure you…but not today. However, I dohave a couple of things I’ve been saving…

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2 comments on “Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  1. You’re welcome.

    We’re not having a relaxing weekend, trying to get things done before he leaves for 5 weeks on Thursday, it’s that time of year again.

    We also had 3 of our granddaughters here Friday and Sat., 4 yr old, 6 yr old and 10 yr old, all girls, all wild childs, I had to start taking my prosac again.

    The worst is the 6 yr old, busy, busy, into everything, we turned our back and she scoffed down a tub of frosting, that was after we caught her with some cookie mix the day before and no she’s not overweight and barely eats usually, she’s the tiniest of all her sisters.

    It was funny that the 4 year old, Lauren, told us Lindsey had it but apparently that was out of revenge for Lindsey not leaving any for her. lol

    And Sierra was particularly bummed because Obama won. She said, “I still don’t care what he says, he’s not the boss of me.” lol

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