Weapons Incident at My Granddaughters High School

Student had gun, 200 rounds, knives, cuffs, stun gun

Hunter Ray Green arrested

UPDATED 10:00 PM EST Dec 17, 2012


A 17-year-old was arrested Monday morning after a tip led authorities to a car on a high school campus filled with an assortment of weapons, police said.

Easley police said a concerned student told faculty members that another student had weapons and ammunition inside a vehicle.

Faculty members searched the car belonging to 17-year-old Hunter Ray Green of Easley, and said they found numerous weapons, including a loaded .22-caliber handgun.

Police said they also found two wood-handled axes, a stun gun, a razor blade knife, nine other knives of various sizes, handcuffs and 200 assorted rounds of ammunition.

Green is charged with possession of firearms on school property.

School District of Pickens County spokesman John Eby said under district policy, Green will be recommended for expulsion for no less than 365 days.

Eby said in a release, “It appears that the guns were left in the car after being used for hunting and recreation and were not taken to the school with the intent to harm anyone.  (EXCUSE ME???  Those kind of weapons for hunting and recreation???  Among other things, what kind of recreation and hunting are handcuffs used for? -Phoebe)  However, bringing weapons on school grounds violates state law, and the school district has a zero-tolerance policy towards weapons on school grounds.

“The timing of this incident is extremely unfortunate, but there is no indication that there was ever an intended threat to the school.

“We commend the student who came forward with the information and the staff members who responded quickly to ensure the safety of Easley High.”

Green was being held at the Easley Law Enforcement Center pending a bond hearing.


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