The world will end……

The Day After Tomorrow (get it?)  Here’s another one….The Apocalypse will happen like there’s no tomorrow.  Okay, so they’re corny, they came from my granddaughter.   Anyway, enjoy the movie.


By phoebe53 Posted in Video

3 comments on “The world will end……

  1. Might want to do your Christmas early then. 😉

    I’ve given explicit instructions to my other half that he’d better be home tomorrow, haven’t heard from him today so don’t know if they’re leaving today or tomorrow. It’s sorta bitter sweet, my massive crafting spree is over, I’ll have to share the bed again and I’ll have to cook and do housework and laundry again but… will be nice to have him home…for a while. Please help me pray for his safe return and the safe return of the whole crew.

  2. And love you guys and all my fellow conservative bloggers and followers, meet you all in heaven on Saturday. Y’all think the TSA screening is bad, I hear the heaven screening is much, much tougher and the strip search is a real doozy, I’d much rather have my body strip searched then my soul.

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