Is it wrong to be peeved and ungrateful

for Christmas presents?

Here’s the thing, I busted my ass making a beautiful handmade photo album, which I posted a picture of here, for my sister in law, it took me over a week to finish, many hours and many trials and errors but I was proud of the finished product and felt it was worth all the hard work I put into it.  Here’s the kicker, she bought me some socks that go up to my neck and a….wait for it……A FREAKIN’ MOO MOO!!!  What the hell ever possessed her to think I would ever wear a FREAKIN’ MOO MOO???????????????????????? SERIOUSLY??????  Okay, y’all can stop laughing now, I finally did, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I compromised, I laughed till I cried.

I’m sorry for being ungrateful but there’s no way I can fake thinking these were good gifts when I give thoughtful and expensive gifts, like all the fiestaware I have bought her.   I have repeatedly and I do mean repeatedly, asked her not to buy me any more clothes, I don’t want them, I don’t need them and most of them are crap and don’t fit anyway so how well does she listen???? A FREAKIN’ MOO MOO!!!   So tomorrow she will call and ask how I like the presents, what am I supposed to say?  Should I be kind and grateful and say I love them or tell her how I really feel?  I know what most of you will say, be nice but I have spent years being nice but A FREAKIN’ MOO MOO is the final straw, my niceness is buried between the 20 yds of cloth that were used to make the FREAKIN’ MOO MOO.

I so hate Christmas.  Next year Christmas is off for me, I’ll give the grandchildren money and that’s all the Christmas I’m going to do.  I’ve already decided I’m not doing cards next year, now add no gifts to that and I should finally enjoy Christmas for the first time in my life and will dwell on the meaning of the season.

Mike told me if he ever saw me wear it he’d either put me out to pasture, take me to the slaughterhouse or put a bell around my neck and call me Bessie.

Hope y’all have a Merry Moo Moo Christmas.


5 comments on “Is it wrong to be peeved and ungrateful

  1. Pheeps – that is so funny! Socks??? When she calls, tell her the moo moo is so special you’re going to pack it away to be buried in. Heh!!!

    Next year get everyone gift cards. We sent my brother-in-law and his wife one for Applebees. The grands would like gift cards to Target and places like that.

    No one on my side of the family speaks to me, so that was the sole gift that went out – except for my husbands granddaughter. Really cuts down on card sending, too.

  2. The burial suggestion just might work. Nah….she’ll force it on me even in death. Last year she bought me a track suit like the ones Betty White wears at 90 yrs old on Hot In Cleveland only it didn’t have rhinestones all over it and I told her it wasn’t me and I probably wouldn’t wear it. Her response, well at least wear it around the house, NO, I don’t want to wear it anywhere, anytime.

    Two years ago she bought me a nice winter coat, albeit, 3 sizes too big. She forced me to try it on and my brother said, that coat is way too big for her, she said so, she can wear a couple of sweaters under it. I brought the coat home hung it up out in my shed and it’s been there ever since.

    This year I’m going to pack up all these things and take them to the goodwill where she likes to buy me clothes that don’t fit, has stains and are ugly, wonder what she’ll think when she sees them hanging there.

    She also sells at the flea market and is friends with everyone there and that’s where she does her Christmas shopping because she can buy things from them for pennies whether anybody wants them or not.

    You really have to know her to understand her, she’s very forceful and insistent and you can’t get a word in edgewise to say no to her because she doesn’t want to hear the word no.

    I was thinking the next time we go to lunch I’ll wear it and see what she says. lol

    I don’t care how much or how little money she spends, I really believe it’s the thought that counts but there is no thought behind her gifts, she’s a shopaholic and buys this crap just because it’s cheap.

  3. UPDATE: I unfurled the 20 yds of cloth, it’s actually called a caftan but same thing as a moo moo, my daughter said she would wear it around the house so I gave it to her. When my sister in law called I tried to avoid the subject all together but after a 15 min conversation she finally asked, I was nice, I told her it was pretty but made no mention of giving it away. I had to tell my sister in law what it was because she proceeded to tell me what it’s for but didn’t know it was called a caftan.

    Daughter and granddaughters came over, we had a lovely time and a lovely meal, all went well and it was a good day, the best part is…it’s over. 2013 here we come.

  4. I’ve seen some caftans that were pretty and nice to wear around the house. And I used to love crinkle cotton summer shifts that were so popular many years ago. They’re great to wear around the house in the summer.

    But —————————– something tells me this one wasn’t too nice!

    • It was pretty enough I guess, black with huge hot pink flowers, the point is, I would NEVER wear something like that and she knows it.

      If I wore it Mike would ask me if I had an midget under my skirt clapping, my thighs would be bitch slapping each other as I walk.

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