Give Me A Freaking Break….STOP THE INSANITY

This is so friggin’ stupid.  This whole gun thing has gotten so bizarre and absurd.  Nothing in this story would warrant Lander University even being concerned with this.  Take note that this article has “Sandy” in it, with all the “Sandy” stuff going on I’d be extremely paranoid if my name was “Sandy”.  – Phoebe

Upstate university on alert after shooting

GREENWOOD, S.C. —Lander University officials said their students were sent an alert on Wednesday warning them to be aware of their surroundings after an “incident occurred off campus” sometime overnight.

According to an incident report, Greenwood police say they responded to an armed robbery on Sandy Lane. Dispatch told deputies that one person had been shot

When deputies arrived they found a man on the porch who said he had been struck in the head with a pistol three times. When asked if anyone had been shot, deputies were taken to the living room of the home where the victim was sitting on the floor with a gunshot wound to his left side.

A witness at the scene said she and another person were sleeping in a bedroom when she heard a fight going on in the living room. The witness said she went into the living room and was immediately held at gunpoint by a man wearing a mask. The witness said she and another person were told to lie on the floor as other two men wearing masks went through the home asking where the money was.  According to the witness, the three men left the home and she called 911.

Two people were taken to the hospital.

Randy Bouknight, with Lander University, confirmed that an incident occurred early Wednesday and an alert was sent.

Lander is located on approximately 123 acres in Greenwood.   It is a coed, state-assisted, four-year university with traditional liberal arts and science programs, and professional programs in business, education and nursing.

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