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It wasn’t but a year ago that Republicans across the nation were singing the praises of NJ Governor, Chris Christie. He had just fought entrenched NJ government employees in a liberal state to fix their pension system. He fought the NJ Teacher’s Union and others in the state to bring the state’s finances back within reason. He said:

“The Teacher’s Union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power.”

His outspokenness against perceived wrongdoers in his state became nationally known and made him a beloved figure among the GOP–and even many moderates.

Unfortunately, that has unraveled. He was the keynote speaker at the GOP Convention that introduced Romney as the nominee. Personally, I thought his speech was very good, but many felt it was too self-centered and didn’t do enough to boost Romney.

Then came the “super storm,” Hurricane Sandy, in his home state. His state was decimated, and…

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