Make note of how many were sitting beside and behind this permit holder prior to his admitting having a weapon on him as opposed to how many were sitting beside and behind him after the admittance. – Phoebe

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Via Donald Douglas This shows clearly that some people do not belong in a y position of authority

Candy ass, he should keep walking if he does not believe in the right of self-defense. And let me, and Michelle Malkin remind you all how much the Left hates your guns, and YES, they are definitely looking to confiscate your guns

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    • Oh, hysterical, no doubt, Phoebes.

      These people are from a different planet.
      This guy is quiet and humble, and is probably a great neighbor, etc.,..
      And these goofs are treating him like he’s Jeffrey Dahmer.

      Scratch that: they’d probably think Dahmer was just misunderstood (you know, he had an “eating disorder” or some such nonsense…).

      What happened to the country where I was raised? Hell, I’m not that old yet I feel like I’m from the 1850’s right now.

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