Imagine’ an America Where Children Will Beg For Food…Michelle O Can

First Lady: ‘Imagine’ an America Where Kids Beg for ‘More Fruits, Vegetables’

March 8, 2013
Michelle ObamaFirst lady Michelle Obama. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

( – First Lady Michelle Obama said she can “imagine” an America where businesses promote the “healthiest options” so children will be “begging and pleading” for fruits and vegetables, adding that “it is possible to create” such a world.

“I mean, just think for a minute what this country could look like,” Mrs. Obama said at the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit on Friday at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

“Imagine walking into any grocery store in America and finding the healthiest options clearly marked and centrally placed so that you know within seconds what’s good for your family when you walk in that store,” Mrs. Obama said. “Imagine opening up a menu in any restaurant and knowing exactly what items will give your family the most nutrition for your hard-earned dollar.”

“Imagine our kids begging and pleading, throwing tantrums to get you to buy more fruits, vegetables and whole grains,” Mrs. Obama said.

“Yes, this is possible,” Mrs. Obama said. “It is possible to create this world!”

Mrs. Obama praised corporations like Walmart, Disney and Darden Restaurants for marketing healthier foods to children.

She also touted the launch of “Let’s Move Active Schools,” a $70 million initiative “to promote physical activity and bring physical education back to our schools,” Mrs. Obama said.


4 comments on “Imagine’ an America Where Children Will Beg For Food…Michelle O Can

    • We used to have 15 in the morning, 15 in the afternoon and 15 at noon after we had lunch. There’s no point to having recesses now since the kids aren’t allowed to play for fear they’ll get injured by a dodgeball, stubbing their toe on the slide, getting dizzy twirling around in the swings, tripping over a jump rope, skinning their knees when playing hopscotch, getting carpal tunnel playing marbles.

  1. In her distorted view of the world, we’re all too stupid to know what to buy in a grocery store. Whole grains? A huge part of the problem. Fruit juice instead of pop? Sugar is sugar. And who in hell goes to a restaurant and worries about “nutrition?” Certainly she doesn’t after seeing some of the things she eats.

    • Bet she hasn’t replaced her fried chicken with boneless, skinless, broiled chicken. Watermelon also has as much sugar as a fruit drink.

      I can see an America where children will beg for food, it’s coming soon. We can’t afford to eat healthy, even if we wanted to, and with the economy the way it is we won’t be able to afford to eat at all.

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