Who’s supplying DHS with their ammo?

ATK Sporting Group

The leader in sporting and law enforcement ammunition, and tactical and shooting accessories.


ATK Sporting Group Headquarters


ATK Sporting is the established market leader in sporting and law enforcement ammunition, and tactical and shooting accessories. Made up of two divisions, Accessories and Ammunition, the group serves sport-shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and military and tactical markets worldwide. Our products include some of the most widely known and respected brands in the industry.

The Accessories division produces top-quality products for the sport hunter and military, homeland security and law enforcement agencies. Products include gun-care products, targets and traps, optics, mounting systems for rifle scopes, tactical nylon vests, holsters, harnesses for insertion and extraction, gear bags, packs, pouches, weapons cases, slings, and apparel. Products are marketed with targeted and contemporary methods that drive sales.

Look for these leading brands: BLACKHAWK!; Champion targets and shooting equipment; Gunslick Pro and Outers gun-care products; Weaver optics and mounting systems; Eagle Industries tactical accessories; the Force on Force training system; and Buck Commander and Duck Commander products for deer and duck hunters.

The Ammunition division supplies small-caliber ammunition to sport-shooting enthusiasts, devoted hunters, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and the military. Our ammunition brands include Federal Premium, Alliant Powder, RCBS, CCI, Fusion, Speer Ammo, Speer Bullets, Estate Cartridge and Blazer.

For details about our Law Enforcement accessories and ammunition products, please visit le.atk.com.

The primary email contact for both divisions is SportingGroup.BDev@atk.com.


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