Saudi National Injured In Boston Bombing Bin Laden’s Son???

According to this article he is.

That Detained Saudi “Student” Named Al-Harbi, Is Actually Osama bin-Laden’s Son, Hamza bin Laden


Al-Harbi, Osama bin-Laden’s son who was 50 feet from the bombing of the Boston Marathon, was tagged 3-B status – terrorist. Yet a student visa was granted after terrorist status was assigned to him. The student visa was for Finley, Ohio. He has been in Boston for six months. Interesting, what the hell was he doing in Boston for the past 6 months when he was supposed to be in Finley, Ohio???

He said he lost his CELL PHONE during the explosion, know FBI was finding all the phones on the ground/sidewalks, I saw a number of them in photos, .. FBI looking through numbers could explain the bust in Canada Train bombing they were able to thwart and find the other cell members ?

That cell phone was the “NEWS 12 NEW CELL MEMBERS” ?

Or seach of the apartments ?

Canada foils ‘al-Qaeda linked’ terror attack on train .. 23 April 2013  ?

Read the complete article at

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2 comments on “Saudi National Injured In Boston Bombing Bin Laden’s Son???

  1. Phoebe, good article linking things up. I too thought it was suspicious that this guy was hurriedly taken our of the country.

    I also read on another reliable site that this very same Saudi had visited the oval office at least 4x. The plot thickens does it not?

    I’m going to put you on my blog roll.

  2. My big question is, what exactly is our relationship with the Saudi’s? If you remember, Bush hustled Bin Laden’s family members and other Saudi’s out of the country on 9-11.

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