Welcome to the Road to Concord (RTC)

Awesome blog that everyone should read in order to truly understand what your rights are and how they came to be, in understanding how they came to be will give us a better understanding on how to protect them.


With my recent post on the RNL, I thought it might be appropriate to post a quick welcome to those of you just finding my blog.  This blog page is dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of individual rights and liberty: Natural Rights, Natural Law and the Social Contract.

Unless it is cited otherwise, everything you find on this page is my original work.  It builds on and off of the work done by far greater thinkers than I, but it contains is based primarily on my own reasoning and understanding of the concepts I discuss.  I plan to keep building on this page.  The hope is that, eventually, this will not only become a useful place to learn about the principles of liberty, but also a trust resource for doing further research into our nation’s history and heritage.

I hope you will find some value in my efforts.  If…

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