TB Confirmed in South Carolina Primary School 63 Tested Positive

There has been no word on who the carrier is but I’m betting on an illegal Mexican.

DHEC: Original TB carrier detained, confined

Hundreds tested in connection to Ninety Six Primary TB outbreak

Published  3:09 PM EDT Jun 06, 2013

GREENWOOD COUNTY, S.C. —The person identified by the Department of Health and Environmental Control to be the carrier who started a tuberculosis outbreak at an Upstate school has been detained by officials, according to a DHEC release.

The person, referred to be DHEC as the “host” or “index patient,” was detained Thursday and transported to a secure medical facility where the patient will be confined for continued medical treatment.

DHEC says the detention will be for 30 days, or until such time as the patient is no longer considered to be infectious.

The order, issued by DHEC Director Catherine Templeton, was based on “noncompliance with the Public Health Order issued by DHEC on May 30, 2013.”

In Thursday’s release, DHEC also updated the numbers of those tested in connection to the TB outbreak at Ninety Six Primary School.  The new totals are:  546 skin tests performed (59 staff, 487 students), 63 positive skin tests (10 staff, 53 students) and 11 abnormal chest X-rays (one staff, 10 students).

Read more: http://www.wyff4.com/news/local-news/abbeville-greenwood-news/dhec-original-tb-carrier-detained-confined/-/9654572/20453082/-/pekv1xz/-/index.html#ixzz2VT2UgX6H


4 comments on “TB Confirmed in South Carolina Primary School 63 Tested Positive

  1. My best friend became naturalized, she is from Mexicali. She is a very patriotic American.
    Most Mexicans are TB CARRIERS.

    • We’ll never know since the patient has a right to privacy but I did find out it was an employee and not a student.

      There are already lawsuits being filed against DHEC and I’m sure lawsuits will be filed against the school district soon. I know I would be some livid if my child was in that school.

      • Sure, its spec. However, look up national #’s for TB starting around 2002. Also Morgellens disease.
        Mexico is a 3rd world, not advanced

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