Justice Served!!!!

I started out not sure and leaning more to Zimmerman guilty but after watching the trial and hearing the facts I came to the conclusion that the only one who committed a crime was Martin when he assaulted Zimmerman.

My other note on this is, that the majority thought that it was a bad sign to have an all female jury, this only goes to show you that women CAN make decisions based on fact and not on sympathy, that they CAN think with their heads and not their hearts.  Great job ladies!!!

Now let the games begin.  For the next few months I urge all to be careful, to stay armed and always be aware of your surroundings, from small towns to the big cities, you never know when some thug will use this as an excuse to wreak havoc.



One comment on “BREAKING……NOT GUILTY

  1. There’s been some predictable rioting, but it hasn’t been QUITE as violent as I’d feared initially, Phoebe.

    Of course, the Media seems hellbent on stirring up as much animus as possible until something ignites.
    Go figure…

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