Wonder how this would work out…

Let the libtards have their way, let them have all the black thugs, the welfare ho’s, the Mexican illegals and all the gay people in the world, the rest of us can leave because we no longer love it, we can then sit back and watch them destroy themselves and this once great country.  Who would be left to support these leeches on society and freedom?

Russian Gays Look to U.S. for Asylum



One comment on “Wonder how this would work out…

  1. Where would we go?

    If we are Christians, then we are suppose to spread the Word of God to the unsaved. If Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself for us when we were sinners, then the least we can do for our neighbors is to ask Jesus to work through us and help them.

    Peculiar juxtaposition. Was the line about Russian Gays suppose to be a separate post?

    Only 21st Century Democrats would consider homosexuality grounds for political asylum. Nonetheless, I don’t doubt that homosexuals in some parts of the world have a well-founded fear of persecution. However, I suspect the homosexuals that come here will be hardcore. That could backfire on the people pushing political asylum for them. In any event, if they come here, we can work on saving their souls too.

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