1 Million Angry American March

This would be the ideal time to have a 1 million angry American march on DC, time to show these rat bastards who owns this country and them.  The WWII Vets just showed them who’s boss, are they the last American heroes?


15 comments on “1 Million Angry American March

  1. Righteous anger has its place. The main thing is to make certain we carefully explain the cause of our anger and what we insist must rightly be done. That, of course, is what our Constitution says those jokers are suppose to do.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Phoebe’s 1 Million Angry American March is an interesting idea, but if marchers displayed much anger, the corporate news media would portray the marchers as rabid dogs. If the marchers remained calm and orderly, the corporate news media would ignore the event. In either event, it would be difficult to plan and quickly execute such a large march.

    There is an alternative. Consider what makes us righteous in God’s eyes. Out of the sight of our fellow men, we can do that which is right. What can we do? We can each hound our congressmen and senators. Instead of a million of us marching upon Washington DC, tens of millions of us can transmit emails, make phone calls, and write letters to the editor aimed squarely at the people who represent us in Washington DC, people who have sworn to support and defend our Constitution and broken their oath.

    Do you love your country? Do you care about the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren? Will you do what is right in God’s eyes? Then pray for guidance, and do a small thing for your country. Do your part to pester your congressman and senators.

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  4. Lets do it. I can’t even go to my favorite fishing spot now because its a government “owned” wildlife refuge that’s shut down now. I’m an angry American and I want my fishing back !

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I’m a firm believer that the federal govt has no business owning land in sovereign states. I’d just go fishing there anyway, what’s the worst that could happen, a trespassing charge, who hasn’t had one of those in their lives? 😀 If it’s closed there is no one there to guard the fishies anyway.

  5. Aging veterans can be a very different breed from the general populace. Those who’ve seen shots fired in anger and stared into the face of death, while their less patriotic peers were screwing around in the backseat of their daddy’s car, are more likely to publicly rip politicians a new one.

    The Greatest Generation (World War II) and the Silent Generation (Korea) were the last generations in which there was meaningful conscription (a draft exempting women, clergy, and others unfit to serve). Loopholes (student deferments, etc.) in Vietnam era conscription kept diarrhea-mouthed Yellow Elephant-types (George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, Donald Trump, etc.) and pansy-a$$ liberals (Bill Clinton and other members in good standing of the unwashed, long-haired, pot smoking “Hell no, we won’t go” hippie crowd) out of harm’s way.

    A post-Vietnam all-volunteer military (creating a standing army that the Founding Fathers such as James Madison greatly feared) has trimmed the ranks of veterans even further. Its also driven the nation into debt (adding $2 trillion to the national credit card) just so defense contractors could make more money while the United States got run out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

    Forget the symbolic protest of a million-man Angry American march. This country may be damn lucky to find enough patriots willing to put on a uniform when the grossly inept political leadership (de facto prostitutes turning tricks for corporate johns) of the United States finally does stumble into a war in which its very survival depends!

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I agree with you except maybe for lumping women in the class of “unfit to serve”, I think women in combat just complicated things.

      I don’t see a Million Angry American march as being simply symbolic, I think it would serve as a warning, we’re coming for you. We don’t need a specific reason, it’s everything you bastards have done in this century.

      • At one time, blacks, criminals, homosexuals, as well as women were deemed unfit for military service. At time, each of those barriers have fallen. Who is fit to serve is determined by the need at the time.

        The easiest way to go after politicians is at the ballot box. I’m still waiting for the day when Mickey Mouse (or some other nonhuman write-in candidate) gets more votes in an election than the incumbent! That would make him (or her) the laughing stock of the nation.

    • You’ve probably tried replacing one minion with another rather than with a factitious candidate that translates into “none of the above.”

      • I haven’t, I’m from South Carolina, we had Jim DeMint and now have Sen. Tim Scott, Reps Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, Mark Sanford and others, not to mention the infamous Joe Wilson who called Obama a liar at the State of The Union address. I can assure you that Lindsay Graham will no longer be there after the next election, he will be replaced by a REAL conservative.

      • Because of the cost of campaigns, flesh and blood candidates eventually wind up in some contributor’s deep pockets. It’s just an occupational hazard. Even the tea party types are beholding to the Koch Brothers or their cronies.

        Meanwhile, nonhuman entities are not susceptible to being bribed with campaign contributions. Also, while a million whoever march will be over in a weekend and may even lead to arrests that discredit the movement, a politician losing an election for national office to Mickey Mouse or whoever is more likely to go down in history! After all, that would be a first and, thus, more likely to be noticed. I also doesn’t help if something is billed as a million whoever march and only a couple hundred thousand show up! That, too, makes the movement look bad.

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