Kerry and Rouhani will play LET’S MAKE A DEAL

Accurate and sadly humorous.


Anxious to put the petty matter of Iranian nukes behind them so that peace everlasting can be brought to Israel and Palestine,
they are be eager to compete.

The game will be televised with simultaneous translations in all known languages except, at Secretary Kerry’s request, English. The prize, should Rouhani win, will be more opportunities for nukes but no sanctions and, should Kerry win, no fewer opportunities for nukes but fewer sanctions.

Here are the agreed upon rules:

President Obama will flip Secretary Kerry and Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei will flip President Rouhani. Secretary Kerry is expected to win the toss due to President Obama’s greater experience in flip-flopping. Should both contestants land in the same posture, the flipping and flopping will continue until one lands on his head and the other lands on his ass tail. Whichever lands on his head will go first in —–

Lets Make a…

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