…. I’m Disappointed In You has an article today on the embattled Toronto Mayor,  Rob Ford, that includes a video, the title of the article is as follows…

Video: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Attacks Female Councillor



Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught on video Monday bum-rushing a female Councillor as the council voted to strip the admitted crack smoker of most of his mayoral powers.


After admitting to smoking crack and drinking excessively, the embattled mayor had hoped his 44% approval rating might keep him in office.

This incident is likely to be the end of his political career.

Now if you actually watch the video, the Mayor, and I’m not defending him in any way, DID NOT ATTACK the Councilwoman, he was clearly going after someone in the audience and he happened to bump into her and grabbed her to keep her from falling.  Watch his eyes still on the person in the audience and then he goes around the other way to get to the person but was stopped by other councilmen., you used to be credible,  you have now presented yourself as all the other media does, what happened, would Andrew approve?


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