SCSO: Woman shoots gunmen during robbery

Feb 05, 2014

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. —A woman shot two armed men early Wednesday before they could get away during a robbery, according to the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said two women went to an ATM, and didn’t know three men were following them.

According to an incident report, the women got to their home on Draymont Avenue and two men wearing masks and carrying guns demanded money.

“A lot of the home invasions have a certain twist to it, but this one looks to me, from all appearances, as two of our citizens, two of our ladies, going in their own home and three bad guys approach them and try steal their stuff and they didn’t take it,” said Wright.

Deputies said one suspect held one victim in a vehicle and the other suspect led the other victim to the door of the home.

According to an incident report, the victim who was at the door of her home, told the suspect that she had to disarm her security alarm, and as she stepped into her home, she heard gunshots.

Deputies said the other suspect, who was holding the other victim in the vehicle,  shot that victim and then ran.

The other suspect ran, too, and that’s when the victim who had been at the doorstep of her home, pulled out a gun and shot at both men.

“You’ve got to pat this lady on the back. She got two out of three of them with a 9mm, and then reloaded and was wanting some more,” said Wright. “I’m going to ask her if she wants a job, apparently she knows how to shoot real well.”

One suspect ran to another home in the neighborhood and charged the homeowner, according to deputies.

Deputies said that homeowner then struck the suspect with the butt and barrel of his shotgun, and held the suspect until law enforcement got there.

“He’s a hero,” said Wright. “I want to publicly tell him that that’s what neighbors do for one another.”

The other suspect was later arrested. Both were suffering from gunshot wounds.

“That’s exactly the reason a few years back I said, ‘Ladies, get yourself a CWP (concealed weapon permit), learn how to defend your property and yourself,’ and this was the ultimate time to defend yourself,” Wright said.

Dominick Antonio Thompson and Nicholas Tavoris Bobo are both facing several charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.

A third suspect, Letoshmen Lykeen Bobo, who deputies said was the getaway car driver, has not been arrested. He is also facing several charges.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Letoshmen Bobo is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Thompson, Nicholas Bobo and the victim who was shot remain in the hospital.

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