Many Americans have not come to the realization that their homes, businesses, and properties are collateral on the federal debt, even if you have the deed and it’s paid for, in FULL! If the federal government defaults on its interest obligation, the private World Bankers automatically become the new “Land Lords” of every home, business, and property in the United States.

Fortunately, our Founding Fathers realized the importance of property ownership. And there are laws structured to protect citizens against taxes and seizures.

Today over 75% of Americans DO NOT have the highest form of TITLE on their homes, businesses, or properties. Instead, they have “Deeds” which are merely a “color of title.” To understand how the creditors or bankers qualifies your property, it is essential to understand one legal term, “color of”.Color” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition as “an appearance or semblance, as distinguished from that which is real; a prima facie, a deceptive appearance. “Color of Title” is defined as “that which in appearance is title but is not title in fact or in law.” Write v. Matron, 18 How. (U.S.) 50 “….color of title is an appearance of title…. coupled with possession, it purports to convey ownership. This is not to say, however, that it actually conveys ownership.” Rawson v. Fox, 65 Ill. 200 – David v. Hall, 92 Ill. 85.



A Deed is only a “color of title Deeds constitute “colors of title“. Dryden v. Newman 116 Ill. 186

A warranty deed of conveyance is a “color of title.” Dempsy v. Burns, 281Ill.644, 65 (1917)

A quit claim deed is “color of title.” Safford v. Stubbs 117 Ill.389

Thus, any tax deed which purports, on its face to convey title is a “color of title”. Walker v. Converse, 148 Ill. 622,629



“Patents are issued between sovereigns… and deeds are executed by persons and private corporation” – Leading Fighter v. Country of Gregory. 230 N.W. 2d 114, 116 (1975)

“A patent is the highest evident of title, and is conclusive, against the government and all claiming under junior titles, until it set aside or annulled by some judicial tribunal.” Stone v U.S. 67 U.S. 765

The patent (land patent) is the only evidence of the legal fee simple title (or Allodial)“. McConnell v. Wilcox, 1 scam. Ill. 381, 396

Issuance of a government patent granting title to land is the most accredited type of conveyance known to out law”. U.S v. Creek Nation, 295 U.S. 103, 111. See also U.S. v. Cherokee Nation, 474 F.2d 628, 634.

· From Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition:

ALLODIAL“Free; not beholden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation…; the opposite of feudal.” Barker v. Dayton 28 Wis. 384; Wallace v. Harmstad, 44 Pa. 499.

ALLODIUM – “Land held absolutely in one’s own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens (property taxes and municipal codes). An estate held by absolute ownership without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof.” 1 Wash, Real Property 16., 9 Cow. (N.Y.) 511, 18 Am. Dec. 516



You still owe the taxes, not the King! That’s why you don’t own your property.


FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Artificial Entities – Again!

Although a very interesting and insightful rant, I have to take issue with this statement, “This is because the right to ownership in both land and a corporation are the product of government.” on the grounds that if ownership of land is a product of government then it ceases to become a right but instead becomes a privilege and I’m sure you know the difference.

Read this article on the property tax, you will understand more about govt control of your land.

Sorry, but most who call themselves patriots or conservatives are nothing other than sheeple themselves, they cry freedom but still play the game the govt plays. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth because then they would feel helpless and defenseless. This has been a sore spot with me and one of the reasons I don’t blog much because I can’t stand reading the drivel that passes as freedom watch or reblog the same news crap over and over and over again. We can repeat the same news stories over and over again but the outcome remains the same, we do nothing.

I have been calling for the largest non violent protest ever, the “just say no to Obamacare” protest, I get nothing but blank stares and the old “it’s the law” response. If EVERYONE would just say NO that would send the biggest message to Congress and Obama, the message that we have grown a pair and we’re not going to stand for this crap anymore.

Nothing will ever change because we haven’t grown a pair and never will, it’s over folks so stop bitching about what you let happen.



I know I have written on this a great deal the last few months, but it seems that those who most need to learn the lessons I am trying to explain are also the most resistant to their Truth. This time, I am going to try to explain it from a different direction.

First, let me address those who have been referring to me as a Marxist because I have turned on the idea of a ‘Natural’ Right to own something that was created by man. I think Marx would find it odd that you are forcing me onto his ideological camp when I actually support the individual’s NATURAL RIGHT to own, operate and control the means of production. Marx was against this, so I know that he – as the highest authority of the ideology he created – would tell you who now call me a Marxist that you…

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