Dozens of mentally disabled registered in stepped-up efforts by state


The National Voter Registration Act of 1993

A July 2009 guide to disability rights laws published by the U.S. Department of Justice includes a section on the NVRA, aka the Motor Voter Act. “One of the basic purposes of the act is to increase the historically low registration rates of minorities and persons with disabilities that have resulted from discrimination,” the guide says. “The Motor Voter Act requires all offices of state-funded programs that are primarily engaged in providing services to persons with disabilities to provide all program applicants with voter registration forms, to assist them in completing the forms, and to transmit completed forms to the appropriate State official.”

To assist agencies in complying with the Motor Voter Act, DHHS published the Agency Voter Registration Manual. According to the manual, each service provider “must offer the voter registration form at first contact or upon renewal of services. The purpose of the new law is to make the voter registration process more simple and accessible.”

If a client claims to be registered, “note the fact in the transaction record and move on,” the guide states. “If he/she is not registered and declines to register at that time, ask him/her to sign the declination portion of the voter registration form. If he/she refuses, you should print the customer’s name and date of birth, initial the declination, and print the transaction date.”

Chapel Hill Killer Registered At and Voted From Mental Hospital

Dozens of mentally disabled registered in stepped-up efforts by state

Federal court upholds SC voter ID law

UPDATED 12:40 PM EDT Oct 10, 2012

A new South Carolina law that generally requires voters to show photo identification does not discriminate against racial minorities and can go into effect beginning in 2013, a federal court ruled on Wednesday, according to SC Attorney Alan Wilson.

Wilson issued the following statement in response to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia’s ruling in South Carolina v. United States.

“Today’s ruling by the three judge panel is a major victory for South Carolina and its election process. It affirms our voter ID law is valid and constitutional under the Voting Rights Act. The fact remains, voter ID laws do not discriminate or disenfranchise; they ensure integrity at the ballot box.

“This ruling also affirms South Carolina’s voter ID law should have been pre-cleared by the U.S. Justice Department.

“We will work diligently to implement this law for all future elections.”

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The Obama/Romney Debate Drinking Game

Take a drink every time…….
Obama finishes a sentence without stuttering

Obama says I, me or my

Obama says it’s Bush’s fault

Obama tells a lie (this is a dangerous one, could be drunk in the opening statement)

Obama says you didn’t build that

Obama says illegals are people too


Add yours to the list, if you’re sober enough.

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters OMG

And this is what’s wrong with out country, stupid friggin’ people.  If you remember, the same thing was done back in the ’08 election, these same idiots were interviewed only Sarah Palin was portrayed as Obama running mate and they loved her until they were told, after the fact, that she was not his running mate but actually on the other side.  We can only hope they don’t vote again this time around.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

By Phoebe-

These famous words by Thomas Paine have never been more poignant than they are now.  These are certainly troubling times, we’re facing an election where no one will be the winner except the next President, we’re facing certain war in the Middle East and we’re facing more uncertainty in our economy and personal freedoms than ever before, all of these things will vastly alter the course our Nation is on, and not in a good way.

A post at Two Heads Are Better Than One  this morning, ELECTION 2012 – What’s at stake got me to thinking about what really is at stake.

We have two candidates, neither of which is appealing, one less appealing than the other, but either way, We The People will lose.  Obama will continue on the path to American destruction while Romney is too moderate to actually move the course in the other direction, we got here slowly, we can’t get out of it slowly, we need drastic measures to ensure our survival as a Nation, the Greatest Nation, time is running out.

Obama will strive to make sure every man, woman and child is beholding to the govt.  He stated on David Letterman that he was President to all the people, he’s only President to all of us if we all hold our hand for the govt dole, right now he’s just President to blacks and those who are excitingly accepting his govt charity.   Those of us who don’t have our hands out are the enemy.

Romney, on the other hand, spent the debates saying the first thing he would do is repeal Obamacare, once he got the nod he suddenly decided he would keep some provisions of it.  What the hell Mitt, seriously?  What other things is he going to halfass if he wins?  He may be able to help with the jobs situation but that’s not all there is and a job will not fix all the evils perpetrated by the govt to this point.

All this Middle East bullshit going on now, the embassy attacks all over directed at the United States and now France, China threatening Japan, Iran threatening Israel and Israel threatening Iran, Iraq supporting Iran, Iran moving weapons into Syria, Pakistan today is threatening our Embassy, Embassy in Jakarta attacked and Canada pulls it’s diplomats from Iran and closes their Embassy there and expels Iranian diplomats from Canada.  How long will it be before the violence gets here to us?  Not long, I’m afraid.  As an aside, Mr. G Guys cousin works for the State Dept and was stationed in Jakarta for a couple of years, thankfully he’s back in the States.

I can’t see the future, I can only guess and my guess would be, (wash my mouth out with soap) that Obama will get another 4 years because it’s destined and those who control the world, and there are those that control the world, will see to it that he is re-elected to finish their agenda.  Am I scared?  Shitless!!!!   Time to get your preps together, it won’t be long now.  Stock and re-stock your preps, get your food, water, shelter and ammo in order, you’ll be needing those things soon.

Yes, “these are the times that try men’s souls” and it can only get bad from here.

I didn’t proofread so don’t mess with me.

Conspiracy Theory #78,423


We’ve all discussed how we wouldn’t be surprised if Obama staged an event to postpone the election, give some thought to this, is it possible that the guy who made The Video works for Obama and knew that this video would upset the Muslim world and therefore provoking an event, he purportedly has a long history with the Feds?